How Stuff Works

How Stuff Works

Become an Ahab customer and get the good stuff.



You order the yummy stuff

Makin’ Stuff

The Producer makes incredible stuff and brings it to our Distribuion Center.

Truckin’ Stuff

Ahab loads all the cool stuff gently onto one truck and brings it to your business.


You have a rockin’ cool business that supports other cool businesses.

Local products and free delivery

Check out our goods and get small, local, craft edible products delivered to your door. Free delivery. Night drops. At night, the world is ours to travel freely.

Need some love? Call 206-762-5750 and talk to one of our nice folks.

$40 minimum per delivery. $5 delivery charge. $75 for free delivery

Multiple payment options: Credit card, Direct deposit, ACH, Old School techniques ‐ checks, money orders, driver pick up (cash or check).

Friendly folks are available for attentive customer service and will contact you directly and answer any questions you may have before you sign up.

See the demo in Kapow-o-vision

Place your orders & choose your delivery days through our new system. Set up an account above and get started.